Compliance &
Performance Standards

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Performance Standards

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All our products adhere to the stringent, exacting standards as laid out within the National Construction Code (NCC) and the Building Code of Australia (BCA) which are produced and maintained by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) on behalf of the Australian Government and each State and Territory Government.

Structural System Integrity

All our Window Systems and Facades are tested by and comply with the requirements set out in Australian Standards AS/NZS 2047-2014 and AS/NZ 4284-2008. This design performance has been verified by a NATA accredited test laboratory.

  • Structural: Measures deflection of the window (SLS) @ Span/250.
  • Operating Force: Confirms opening force is within the set limits.
  • Air Infiltration: Measures air leakage through the window or door.
  • Water Penetration: Measures water penetration resistance (WPR).
  • Ultimate Strength: Confirms the windows meets the ULS (Ultimate Limit State) requirements.

Thermal Performance

The NCC has provisions that relate to energy efficiency for all classes of buildings and there may also be state variations to these requirements. The energy efficiency provisions have a significant impact on window selection. Compliance is achieved by the prescriptive measures found in the NCC, or through performance based solutions using simulation tools such as:

  • AccuRate, FirstRate, BERS Pro and BASIX
  • High thermal performance glass
  • Thermal break windows system


Our high thermal performance glazing increases living comfort while also reducing energy consumption to lower both energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

The thermal performance of our windows, doors and skylights can vary to suit different applications and building requirements. How well the glazing and frame conduct heat (conduction or U value) and transmit heat from direct sunlight (the solar heat gain coefficient or SHGC) will result different level of thermal performance. Our range includes:

  • Single Silver Low-E Coating
  • Double Silver Low-E Coating
  • Triple Silver Low-E Coating
  • Typical Framed Window System
  • Frameless Window System
  • Thermal Break Window System

The thermal performance of glazing and the cost of heating and cooling your home are related. Using our high thermal performance Low-E Coating glass – our windows, doors and skylights can significantly reduce your annual heating and cooling bill. This Low-E Coating glazing also reduces the peak heating and cooling load, which could reduce the required size of an air-conditioning system by up to 30%, leading to dramatic cost savings.

Acoustic Performance

TAWS offers a wide range of standard acoustic performance models, plus the ability to custom design and manufacture windows to suit specific applications, such as single, double or even triple PVB and Acoustic laminating interlayers for IGU, 100mm, 150mm secondary glazing windows and more.


When it comes to smart, sustainable living, acoustic performance is something to consider. TAWS high acoustic performance windows will increase living comfort and mental health within urban living, especially live on a busy street, next to highways, train tracks and other noisy areas.


TAWS acoustic windows are laboratory-tested for performance in both TAWS’s own R&D facilities and independent laboratories, further supported by installed site testing and engineering calculations for custom specifications. TAWS Acoustics is renowned for quality, durability and guarantees in-field performance.

Quality Control Process

Our dedicated, internationally-experienced management team, along with highly-skilled onsite facade installers plus a procurement team and production facilities based in China, Noble Aluminium can deliver exceptional quality products at huge savings to our clients.

We have long-established, direct relationships with many key, large-scale offshore material suppliers. Plus a supply chain that are well-versed in the manufacture and procurement of all your aluminium and glazing requirements such as window walls, facades and cladding, curtain walls, aluminium panels and extrusions and all the other integrated hardware and components you need.

Our Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes start with the incoming material before manufacturing, and continue throughout the entire production process. Regular QC checks and status reporting systems have enabled us to deliver quality products with an enviable on-time scheduling record.

Installation is also available

We work with a wide range of fully qualified, certified and highly-experienced installation contractor teams which are assembled to meet the exact needs of each project.

Our trusted reputation has been built upon close to 10 years of consistently high-quality products, manufactured to spec and delivered on time across diversified sectors.

From large-scale skyscraper facades to complex heritage refurbishments, we are proud of our consistently high-quality outcomes.

Our installation teams include some of the most talented and respected people in the industry, while our strong relationships with our own supply chains allow us to deliver high-quality outcomes for our clients and their end users.

Keeping your order on track and your project on time

We employ good use of market-leading tracking software, Matrak.


This our customers – and ourselves – to stay on schedule and up-to-date with where each order is how long it will take to complete its journey right throughout the production process and the shipment that follows.

Enabling project teams to gain better visibility and collaborate on projects from factory to site. Ultimately reducing project risk, reducing material waste and gaining incredible efficiencies.

With full supply chain transparency and accountability, you’ll be able to keep on track with live project notifications on your mobile so you’ll know when your materials will arrive on-site.